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Design portfolio


Workshop Players Theatre – Workshop Players in Amherst, OH wanted a fresh face, but also needed to allow multiple volunteers to manage and update pages as each season progressed – plus they were on a budget roughly equivalent to their 100 seat theater. Mindful of time, I found a free Wordpress template that could be modified (some color changes, some respacing, and a new logo) to show off the shows. A quick training session, and the board was posting and editing content with ease. Approximate time to design and build: 4 hours. design solutions hosting wordpress

Events by JB – After years of setting up events in and around San Jose for corporate clients, JB was ready to hang out her own shingle, and needed a website to make that happen. Starting from scratch, I developed the design and layout, edited some content, and even layed out a business card template based on her new logo. design solutions hosting updates

Thunderlips Improv – Cleveland's new improv team needed an upbeat and enticing design to let people know what they should be coming out to see. This design was entirely from scratch since the group was only recently founded when they decided to establish a web presence. design updates

Rhea Nowak – Complete design and build-out using Rhea's own works as the basis for the look. Many of Rhea's works are literally long pieces, stretching horizontally on display; this layout emphasizes width over height to showcase her works as you might see them in a gallery. design updates

The Feve Coffeehouse and Bar – 'Hip, but not hipster' was the request for this favorite watering hole in a college town. I reorganized and cleaned up the six-year-old content, used existing images - and a few I shot - for the graphics, and now update the brunch menus weekly. Approximate time to design and build: 8 hours design reorganization updates

MN Veteran Family Support – This is stage one of a proposed two-stage redevelopment of this Minnesota-based charity's web presence. I also found a way to automate their annual client registration by building an online form, avoiding hours of hand tallying. It's a clean, easy-to-read site for potential clients - and potential donors. Approximate time to design and build: 12 hours design reorganization solutions

Joel Haugen for Congress - Independent congressional campaigns don't typically have tons of money, but they do need a good online presence if they are going to have a shot. I focused on a strong top graphic, simple layout, and the goal of providing the campaign with a design they'd like and only have to tweak slightly, thus cutting down on the amount of time it would take us to build. The small campaign staff made all the updates to the site with a basic knowledge of one computer program. design

Pamela Dills – Another start-to-finish website for an Ohio and Florida-based artist. Design sketches based on her works. Reconfiguration based on her feedback. Web hosting easily acquired using my walkthru. Dozens of galleries posted, contact email created, and more, all in time for the busy fall shows season. design hosting updates

Infinite Monkey Comics and Games – When Matrix Games (see the archives) changed their name and their look in 2007, they came back to me for a complete site redesign and reorganization. I worked with them on updating and expanding the content, finding a design that incorporated the new sign for their physical store and reflected the new tone of their business, and even got them new web hosting to complete the makeover. design hosting

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