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Non-profit websites

Workshop Players Theatre – Workshop Players in Amherst, OH wanted a fresh face, but also needed to allow multiple volunteers to manage and update pages as each season progressed – plus they were on a budget roughly equivalent to their 100 seat theater. Mindful of time, I found a free Wordpress template that could be modified (some color changes, some respacing, and a new logo) to show off the shows. A quick training session, and the board was posting and editing content with ease. Approximate time to design and build: 4 hours. design solutions hosting wordpress

Christ Church Oberlin – Christ Church in Oberlin does quite a bit of electronic communicating both within their congregation and to the broader community. A reorganization helped trim down the page count and highlight things like their weekly hot meals program. And a quick training on Wordpress lets the volunteer head of the Communications Committee, the pastor, and office staff easily keep the content up to wordpress

MN Veteran Family Support – This is stage one of a proposed two-stage redevelopment of this Minnesota-based charity's web presence. I also found a way to automate their annual client registration by building an online form, avoiding hours of hand tallying. It's a clean, easy-to-read site for potential clients - and potential donors. Approximate time to design and build: 12 hours design reorganization solutions

Do It For the Squirrels – Oberlin College decided to create a separate fundraising campaign for young alumni and agreed that a website would be the central case statement. I settled on a more tongue-in-cheek approach with an air of 'officialness' to it; the mix draws alums in and keeps them browsing long enough for Oberlin to impart its message. design solutions

Joel Haugen for Congress - Independent congressional campaigns don't typically have tons of money, but they do need a good online presence if they are going to have a shot. I focused on a strong top graphic, simple layout, and the goal of providing the campaign with a design they'd like and only have to tweak slightly, thus cutting down on the amount of time it would take us to build. The small campaign staff made all the updates to the site with a basic knowledge of one computer program. design

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