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Design portfolio

Archived designs

Christ Church Oberlin – New look and feel, some content reorganization, and wrangling it all into place on a new hosting service. Approximate time to design and build: 10 hours design updates

Super Express Transportation – Straightforward and light on text - no reason to add bells and whistles to this one. They would just get in the way of customers finding the information they needed, and hiring this Cleveland-based company. I also helped save Super Express over $1,000 by switching them to a cheaper hosting package and consulting on effective ROI for online ads and search engine placement. Approximate time to design and build: 10 hours design hosting solutions

Do It For the Squirrels – Oberlin College decided to create a separate fundraising campaign for young alumni and agreed that a website would be the central case statement. I settled on a more tongue-in-cheek approach with an air of 'officialness' to it; the mix draws alums in and keeps them browsing long enough for Oberlin to impart its message. design solutions

Oberlin Community Services – This nonprofit's website was first built years back by helpful volunteers. Since then it had become a mix of styles, content, and organization. I started by identifying OCS's three constituencies – clients, donors, and volunteers – and then working with staff to merge existing web content and printed materials in a way that was easy to follow. While creating this clearer navigation, I built a design that lets visitors find the information they need – hours, contact info, or specific details on programs – at a glance. design solutions
Nanotech Innovations - One product, one lab, and an upcoming trade show meant this company was on a tight schedule. Despite a logo and color scheme change mid-design, I got this to them on time and on budget. I'm low on ego here, so if you turn around and say, 'actually, can you use this design for part of the header?' I will, in fact, use that design for part of the header. design
A Different Spin – A four-man circus arts troupe in the San Francisco area needed a revamp to their old website. The previous version had some dead-end pages, haphazard image placement, and didn't fully capture the energy and style that make the troupe unique. I reorganized the site, created a new, brighter wrapper, and moved all their content and some additions to the new version. design
Gayle Pritchard Art/GAPDesigns – Gayle had a book going to press in a few months and needed a website for the book jacket and tour. She also needed gallery space for her own artwork, some of which is for sale. I created this design using some of her pieces, bringing in elements of the more natural fabrics she uses. I chose a warmer palette and design for the wrapper to reflect the 'homespun' heritage of quilting that permeates her work. design hosting
The Heart Project – A small but growing organization in Indiana needed a design that capitalized on their highly recognizable logo, and that they could quickly update themselves. A graphics designer created a package of materials - letterhead, bookmarks, business cards - and I developed the site design to match the look. build-out
The Oberlin Fund Professor X Challenge – In 2005-6, Oberlin College needed to push a comprehensive case statement to a more narrow group of alums. I adapted existing brochure text and fit it into a navigation scheme designed to be less administrative and more conversational – like how the alums remember their relationships with professors. design solutions
Landowner Records – Landowner's chief exec was pretty handy with graphic design, but didn't know how to translate his logo and layout concept into bits and bytes. I took his designs and created workable pages, added the snazzy menu rollovers, and integrated PayPal and a music player into the store - everything this record label needed to get rolling. build-out solutions
The Empty Mirror – 'Can you build this?' asked the band leader. Sure I can. And I'll work in some clear organization, an easy-to-maintain structure, and a simple way to sell your album while I'm at it. No need to thank us, citizen, just doing our job... build-out


48 hour creations

Women Aren't Funny – Redesign and minor reorganizing for a feminist sketch comedy troupe in New York City (they picked the name; I think it's clever). design – A semi-mysterious design for a semi-mysterious purpose... design solutions
Matrix Games Oberlin – site redesign for a small comic and game store that needed to highlight an upcoming event. design
ARG: Government Office – quick design for use in a local alternate reality game. The emphasis here was on things like the logo, which added a sense of reality to the excursion. design
ARG: Venture Capital Group – another design for another installment of the gamw, a clean, professional look that merged idealist philanthropic motives (the logo in the top left) with a punchier, capitalist motif (the project descriptions and color palette). design