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Artists and performers websites

Rhea Nowak – Complete design and build-out using Rhea's own works as the basis for the look. Many of Rhea's works are literally long pieces, stretching horizontally on display; this layout emphasizes width over height to showcase her works as you might see them in a gallery. design updates

Rebecca Cross Textiles – Rebecca contacted me saying 'everyone has a website these days, and I need one just to keep up.' We discussed options for several hours while reviewing her work. The abstracted nature of her pieces called for a more modern design to highlight each piece as the center of its own gallery page. The clean lines and black background of the main gallery page emphasize the strong colors and textures Rebecca typically employs. design updates hosting

Thunderlips Improv – Cleveland's new improv team needed an upbeat and enticing design to let people know what they should be coming out to see. This design was entirely from scratch since the group was only recently founded when they decided to establish a web presence. design updates

Pamela Dills – Another start-to-finish website for an Ohio and Florida-based artist. Design sketches based on her works. Reconfiguration based on her feedback. Web hosting easily acquired using my walkthru. Dozens of galleries posted, contact email created, and more, all in time for the busy fall shows season. design hosting updates

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