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Guide to purchasing web hosting

Want a website? You need these two things:

  1. a domain name (like so visitors can easily find your site.
  2. web hosting, the place 'on the web' where all your files sit so they can be accessed by others.

Here's the simple rundown on what to do:

I recommend my clients purchase an inexpensive hosting and domain-name package from provides quality of service, ease of use, a host of goodies (like private registration and multiple email accounts), and the best prices I've found for my clients' needs. By purchasing this package yourself, your site will be up for as long as you want.

Head to and find their web hosting section. You want to purchase a Linux hosting package - any of them will do. The cheapest option ($5/mo) does not come with a free domain name, but that only costs about $10/year to add; I still recommend only buying what you need and not upgrading to a more expensive plan, but it's entirely up to you.

During the checkout process you'll have the option to buy (or add, if you went with a more expensive plan) a domain name as well. If you don't have one yet, pick out something nice - what you call your site is up to you. (Note: If you already have a domain name but still need hosting, I still recommend for their price and stability; just select 'add a domain later' when presented with the option.)

Make sure you keep track of the password you create for your new account with 1and1 so I can get everything set up for you later. 1and1 generally charges in six month intervals, so your checkout total should be in the $40 range. You can easily cancel the package in the future, and they prorate any unused months.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions!