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Consulting and Software Solutions

Websites aren't just static pages anymore (were they ever?) - they connect with payment systems, they play music and videos, and they sometimes need to be updated. More business - for businesses and not-for-profits alike - is being done online, or at the very least on the computer. There are now literally thousands of computer programs, and almost as many different ways to use them, all (in theory) there to make life simpler, easier, and more profitable whilst dealing with this surge of electronic communication.

If you've ever found yourself wondering where to start in the midst of all these choices, let's talk. I have over a decade of experience working with computers - and much of my time has been spent seeking not the newest and fastest solution, but the simplest, easiest to use, and typically the cheapest solution. You don't have to pay tons to get great results - you just need to know what you want to do, and there's a solution out there to help you do it. Let's figure out what that solution might be.