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Website design

Start to finish design and construction
If you don't have a website at all, or your existing website is cobbled together by multiple persons over the years, this is probably the option we'll pursue. It may also be the approach for a site that's outgrown itself and needs both a new look and some reorganization of content.

This option covers everything from talking over what you want visitors to see, to determining what you already have on hand (text, images, etc), designing the site (colors, images, where everything lays out on the page), organizing your content, placing all text onto the pages, creating and placing images as needed, and uploading everything to its new home. I'll also guide you through setting up web hosting and email accounts if that's needed.

Redesign of existing sites
Has your office changed its name or even its mission statement? Its logo? Would you prefer a new color scheme? Or are you just feeling that your existing website could stand some sprucing up? If your content is organized the way you like it, this is probably the option for you. I can create a new look for your site and, if needed, transfer your old text and images to their new wrapper.

HTML emails
Those mass emails with graphics and slick formatting are built with the same bits of code as a website. I have extensive experience with both HarrisConnect and IAC's email modules, and can also create templates and designs for use in just about any system.

48 hour designs
If you need a quick site – maybe an add-on to an existing site, or something to provide specific information on a rapidly approaching event – a quick, few-pages deep site will probably do you. '48 hour designs' take less time to organize, design, and build. These are great options for schools or other organizations with an existing look-and-feel, as well as for smaller operations that don't need a huge web footprint.

Site updates
Your site looks fine... but Steve doesn't work for you any more. Your layout is exactly how you want it... but there's a new photo gallery that needs adding. If you don't have the time or experience to make those changes to your website, drop a line. There's no reason to let a good site lie fallow.