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Price sheet

Every web job is unique, even the ones that seem very straightforward. To prevent over or underpayment, we charge an hourly rate for our work as opposed to quoting an entire site or job at once. We will absolutely give you a solid estimate - typically accurate within a few hours - of how long a project is expected to take.

Since artist sites are usually more graphics-intensive and involve more customization to reflect your unique style, they usually take a bit more time than some of our other work. Keep in mind that each job is different and cost may vary (up or down) depending on complexity, deadlines, and other factors – again, we'll give you a valid estimate of job length before we begin.

Design, graphics updates, or contract work: $50/hour.

Text updates to your existing site: $30/hour.

Web hosting: $48/year (includes free domain name; please see our guide to purchasing).

In addition, we're happy to discuss multiple forms of payment, from installment plans to bartering goods and services, as a way to meet your needs (that print would look great in our living room!).

For quotes or to discuss options, please email